Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Communucation Student Versed in Social Media begins Job Hunt


Benjamin Palmer (Spokesperson)
[Email] : [bpalmer2@stedwards.edu]
[Blog] : [http://progthecube.blogspot.com/]

Communication Student Versed in Social Media begins Job Hunt

Austin, TX November 26, 2007

  • BA in Communication with a concentration in Media Arts, Public Relations, and Advertising from St. Edwards University, Expected Graduated May 2009

  • Looking for entry-level job in field of Communication, preferably with small local company with a sustainable emphasis.

  • Relevant Coursework: Social Media and PR, Organizational Communication.

  • Computer Skills include proficiency at all MS Office Suite, and Apple applications including imovie and garageband

  • Founding member of on-campus television station, seuTV

  • Assistant Editor for student newspaper, The Hilltop Views

  • Honors and Awards: Deans list since Fall 05, Awarded Dean's List Scholarship twice, published in universities literary journal, The Sorin Oak Review.



A Podcast created for a class assignment, discussing personal experiences with web 2.0/social media


A Youtube video created for a Social Media Class where we had to focus on a social issue.

I am a resourceful and confident person, who although naturally an extroverted performer is also more than content with private study. I view PR/Marketing as a way to flex creative muscles and ability to read the public. Outside of my academic studies I keep myself very busy and living in Austin has only bolstered my interest in independent music, sustainable living and endurance sports, making sure that my schedule is always full of activities.


Urban Pollution Staff Page

Online magazine where I served as a staff writer/administrator. Links to most recent new articles/album reviews may be found at this page

SEU Cycling Club Website
Web page for the St. Edwards Cycling Team, where I am the blog/page administrator

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Cluetrain Manifesto abrigred

I just finished reading the theses from the cluetrain manifesto and found it pretty interesting, but I picked out a few of my favorite ones. While there were many that peaked my interest these did the most.

"In just a few more years, the current homogenized "voice" of business—the sound of mission statements and brochures—will seem as contrived and artificial as the language of the 18th century French court."

"We like this new marketplace much better. In fact, we are creating it."

"We are immune to advertising. Just forget it"

A common thread among the ones that I found the most interesting, is that they were also the most invirogorating, putting the power of the market in the hands of the customer/consumer and out of the company, almost making the company seeing as less powerful and scared under the bully of the public. I am interested to see what the rest of the class thought during our discussion after the break.

Our Viral Video -"Outrage For Injustice"

Here is our viral video completed for class. We chose to explore the social issue of denying/violating ones ethics over your own ability for selfishness and self-control- Specifically regarding the consumption of animal flesh.

The Text from the video was taken from the song "Edens Demise" by the seminal mid-90's hardcore/metalcore band Earth Crisis Full text of the song's lyrics can be seen below the video

"Edens Demise" lyrics
Poisoned tears fall from a corroding sky down to a
tortured earth that's been left to die. The oceans
diseased, the stricken lands decay. Mankind's
supremist mentality has set this world ablaze.
Nature's plan forever altered, animals lost to
extinction. This society based on greed fuels the
onslaught of destruction. The circle of death ends
with the instigators victimized. The means to
quench a selfish lust brings eden's demise.
Mass-murder, demonic cruelty. Absolute fascism. To
end the enslavement and slaughter, the antidote is
veganism. Don't let your outrage for injustice end
where your selfishness begins. I have conquered
through selfcontrol, together we can win. Respect
for nature and innocent life, the end of human
over human oppression. A peaceful world can evolve
after animal liberation. To persist with what is
immoral is illogical. There's no excuse for
violence against nature or for the innocent to be
killed. I see so much sickness. The enemy
surrounds. I see so much sickness. I fear what the
future holds. I have hope that the point of no
return has not yet been passed. These are the
final moments. Sand pours from a broken hourglass.

The First Completly Legal MP3 blog

Earlier in the year I posted about the growing popularity and power of MP3 blogs

Well it seems that the music industry is now finally trying to catch up with them and the first totally legal mp3 blog has launched. RCRD LBLhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif is (from their own about section)

"a network of ad-supported online record labels and blogs offering completely free music streams and downloads from emerging and established artists."

Seems like an interesting concept, and I guess well see how well it does, though from what I've read in other articles about the site, its founders expect it to do very well financially.

"How is 12oz of Sausage supposed to feed 600 Pounds of Men"

In class we have talked about "Dell Hell" and other examples of fans and fanatics reacting against a company and the company....eventually responding. Well I stumbled across what is possibly one of the most entertaining customer complaints ever.

Please listen!- totally worth your time!

Now besides the fact that the man is totally supporting the redneck stereotype and does a pretty funny job of cussing at the end he actually has a valid complaint. Now instead of calling the Jimmy Dean sausage corporate line, do you think it would be more effective for him to of started a blog and found other people who have similar complaints about the downsizing of their precious sausages?

p.s. the image besides being a jimmy dean product has nothing to do with the post, just thought it was so grody (grody= a higher level of grossness) that it had to be posted.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Finding Vegan Cupcakes to Take Over the World With Just Got Easier

A few days ago I stumbled across this Blog.
Basically what the blog does it allow users to type in recipes they want and it will search throughout the databases of currently 27 top-rated vegan food blogs- allowing a wide range although well regarded recipes bound to pop up.

I don't think that we have discussed this exact type of blog in any of our classes or books, but perhapsI would label them as filters.

The type of specalized blog/software could be used for anything, but because its vegan food its just better ;) Go ahead and search for something tasty and seasonal like Pumpkin Pie!

The Great Debate: Is Web 2.0 Bulls#!t?

The preliminary list of 2008 SXSW Interactive Panels has been released. Many, many of the panels discuss things that relate to our class including social media, Web 2.0, and PR on the internet.

Check out the full list, or my abbreviated ones of speical interest to us.

* The Art of Self-Branding
* Beyond the Blogosphere: How Online Talent is Being Developed
* Futurists' Sandbox: Social Technologies in 2025
* The Great Debate: Is Web 2.0 Bulls#!t?
* Social Network Coups: The Users are Revolting!
* Social Networking and Your Brand
* The Suxorz: The Worst Ten Social Media Ad Campaigns of 2007
* Taking Over the World: the Flickr Way
* Wireframing in a Web 2.0 World
* You Are Here: Gaming and User's Geolocation in Web 2.0